Elective courses

This three-day workshop targets students who have no or very little prior experience with laboratory experiments. You learn the basics of experimental methodology, rules you have to observe, and a lot about practical issues you have to think about when planning an experiment. The main part of the workshop is an introduction into programming simple experiments with z-Tree as well as running a session in practice.

Day 1 Lecture-style teaching: experimental methodology, running a session

  • What kind of research questions can we answer with an experiment?
  • Advantage of experiments: having control
  • Important rules:
    • No deception!
    • Incentives
  • External validity
  • Design aspects
  • Practical issues
  • Hypothesis testing

Day 2 & 3: Hands-on programming in z-Tree

  • Fundamentals
    • What can we do with z-Tree?
    • How does z-Tree work?
    • Installation and test environment
    • Structure of a program
  • Individual decisions
    • Layout
    • Basic programming
    • Data of the experiment
  • Interactive decisions
    • Statements and functions in z-Tree
    • Loops
    • Matching and role assignment
    • Different tables in z-Tree
    • Chat

Time & venue:
9.-11.11.2023, 9:00-17:00, University of Potsdam, Campus Griebnitzsee | Building 7, Room 2.41

Programming an experiment and presenting it.