Soft skills training and key qualification at the institutions participating in the BSE

The Berlin University Alliance offers workshops in Berlin Graduate Studies Support Program


The umbrella organizations for the promotion of young researchers at the universities participating in the BSE also offer workshops


Participation in workshops should be open to all PhD students of the member universities of the Berlin University Alliance. For BSE doctoral students who are not members of one of the three Berlin universities, at least participation in the workshop offers of the Humboldt Graduate School is possible. Please register for this and indicate BSE as your doctoral program and the BSE office e-mail for the programme coordinator. 

For questions about publishing, for example in open access, Berlin Universities Publishing offers information and advisory services.

The Librarys also have special offers for PhD Students


Offerings for academic writing


BSE INSIGHTS also offers science communication skills training including but not only academic and non-academic writing.

Offerings in the area of academic teaching is also found in the Berliner Zentrum für Hochschullehre (website currently only in German)

Language courses can be found at the Language Centres 


There are additional course offerings at the particpating organisations for their employees