INSIGHTS educates the next generation of scholars working on relevant economic topics by teaching them how to communicate with the general public, with policymakers and the media. Equipping them with transfer techniques will help to increase the impact of their research on decision-making and problem-solving in the realms of policy and society. INSIGHTS offers a PhD course “Economics and Transfer to the Public” that will take place regularly as well as media training and coaching, and tutoring for academic and non-academic writing (writing clinic).


Upcoming INSIGHTS skills trainings and PhD courses

April 26, 2024 INSIGHTS Skills Training "How to work with AI tools in academia"


Past INSIGHTS skills trainings and PhD courses

March 22, 2024 INSIGHTS Skills Training "Video interviews"

December 1, 2023 INSIGHTS Skills Training: Communicating science and creating impact

November 10, 2023 INSIGHTS Skills Training: How to deal with online discrimination and hate speech?

April 24, 2023 INSIGHTS Skills Training "Science communicates via Mastodon"

February 14, 2023 INSIGHTS Skills Training "Twitter for researchers"

January 27, 2023 INSIGHTS Skills Training "Video interviews"

November 25, 2022 INSIGHTS Skills Training "Communicating science and creating impact"

October 28 & November 4, 2022 INSIGHTS Skills Training "Für die Presse schreiben"

June 10, 2022 INSIGHTS Skills Training "Meeting the press"

May 13, 2022 INSIGHTS Skills Training "Communicating science and creating impact"

April 24 - June 20, 2022 INSIGHTS PhD course “Economics and Transfer to the Public”

January 28, 2022 INSIGHTS Skills Training "Twitter for researchers"

November 11, 2021 INSIGHTS Skills Training: "Communicating science and creating impact"


Maximilian Peukert