BSE policy fellowships

Knowledge transfer is at the core of the INSIGHTS project and is supported via BSE Policy Fellowships. INSIGHTS provides fellowships for policymakers, so-called BSE Policy Fellowships, to foster close collaboration between academics and policymakers. The target group consists of civil servants from ministries and other public institutions and members of policy-oriented NGOs with a strong academic background and an interest in research. The fellowships finance research stays of up to three months at one of the BSE institutions. A fellowship allows policymakers and practitioners to focus on a research question, and gives them access to state-of-the-art methods and the most recent research in their area.  Applications for a Policy Fellowship need be submitted in cooperation with a junior or senior member of the BSE.


Peter Haan
Dorothea K├╝bler
Alexandra Spitz-Oener

Application materials

Call for BSE policy fellowships applications

Please send your application materials in one coherent pdf file to