As part of INSIGHTS mission to foster the dialogue between research and society, we host events like roundtables, discussions and talks. Our seminar series INSIGHTS Roundtable aims to create a forum for the discussion of current political issues between science, politics, administration and society. In the informal series researchers and practicioners can exchange their knowledge and ideas towards policies. Importantly, these exchanges have both a research and a policy component.

Junior and senior researchers as well as policymakers and stakeholders are encouraged to propose roundtables and to apply for funding to organize them. The collaboration of junior and senior persons in organizing the roundtables is encouraged.

Furthermore INSIGHTS co-finances the CEPA Policy Lectures, which bring together high-level policymakers and policy advisors with researchers and advanced students in the field of economic and environmental policy.

Upcoming INSIGHTS Events


Past INSIGHTS Events

January 31, 2024 #CEPAPolicyLecture No.17 "Ready, steady, go? Meta results on gender-specific competition behavior.”

November 29, 2023 #CEPAPolicyLecture No.16 "Demographic Change and Challenges for the Pension System"

June 21, 2023 #CEPAPolicyLecture No.15 "The renewed impetus for the social dimension of the EU under the VDL Commission"

June 7, 2023 #CEPAPolicyLecture No.14 "The energy crisis - the beginning of Germany's deindustrialization?"

May 10, 2023 #CEPAPolicyLecture No.13 "Refugees from Ukraine in Germany: Fleeing the War and Starting Life in a New Country - Evidence from a New Representative Study"

April 27, 2023 INSIGHTS Talk and Panel Discussion on Sexual Harassment and Power Abuse in Academia and the Economics Profession: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward

April 20, 2023 INSIGHTS Roundtable: Strom und Heizung in der Grundsicherung

January 25, 2022 #CEPAPolicyLecture No.12: "The future of social protection - do we need a new model?"

January 11, 2023 #CEPAPolicyLecture No.11 "Navigating the jungle of possibilities: How to protect citizens from soaring energy prices"

December 15, 2022 INSIGHTS Panel Discussion: Inequality and the future of labor

November 30, 2022 #CEPAPolicyLecture No.10 "Competition policy in times of crises"

October 4, 2022 Welcome event for the new BSE members including a keynote lecture by Iris Bohnet

May 31, 2022 INSIGHTS Roundtable: Reform der Grundsicherung zum Bürgergeld


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