Mental Health

Urgent support

If you are in a crisis yourself, it is important to remain calm and not make any important decisions. Get in touch with someone else and seek professional support. If you are supporting someone in crisis, it is equally important to remain calm, support as much as possible and involve professional support.

The Berliner Krisendienst is open daily and gives support either by telephone or in person in one of the organization's advice centers. An appointment is not needed the service is free and, if you prefer, anonymous. It is particularly useful for anyone requiring advice and support in the evenings and during the night. The service is organized by district (see link) and can be reached between 16:00 and 24:00.

Berlin Crisis Center/ Berliner Krisendienst

If you feel you cannot cope alone and need to be admitted to a clinic, you can go to the emergency center (Rettungsstelle) of the psychiatric clinic assigned to the district where you live at any time of day or night. If you suffer a crisis at a time when you are not near your home and you do not think you will make it there, please go to the emergency center of the nearest clinic. The link below sends you to a list of the emgerency centers hosted by the TU Berlin Student services.

List of the emergency center (Rettungsstelle) of the psychiatric clinic assigned to the district where you live

In acute emergencies, it is also possible to call the emergency numbers of the police (110) or the emergency services (112). 

Mental Health support services of the BSE and the institutions participating in the BSE

Mental health consultation and coaching service provided by the Berlin School fo Economics

there is a mental health consultation and coaching service available for the BSE Students and Research Associates at the Berlin School of Economics. All further information can be found in the internal section of the website for BSE members on their profile page under "Internal Announcements - Mental health consultation and coaching".


Psychological counseling at the participating institutions


The Berlin University Alliance offers workshops and additional support structures for PhD students within its Berlin Graduate Studies Support


The umbrella organizations for the promotion of young researchers at the universities participating in the BSE also offer mental health support via workshops and additional counseling


External Mental Health support services and crisis support

For prevention, resilience training and crisis support, it is also worth finding out what your personal health insurance provider offers, as they have greatly expanded their services in recent years. Here are some additional helpful links and online resources: