As part of the training program, INSIGHTS provides financial support for internships for PhDs and post-docs to visit newspapers, radio stations and professional communication agencies for guidance on how media professionals communicate and translate research results into formats for a general audience. The application process for our media partners taz and Deutschlandfunk has started. For more information on how to apply and documentation formats, please contact Lena Gatscha.


Lena Gatscha

Past Internships

Arnim Seidlitz was intern at Deutschlandfunk (DLF) from December 4 till December 15, 2023. At DLF he spent the first week on the news desk and the second week on the science desk. During his time he wrote and edited news pieces and researched for a feature on migration. "What I found very exciting overall was working with such a short time frame. That's completely different with science. At DLF, there are still certain gradations between half-hourly, daily and weekly formats, but the world is definitely "faster" there. Of course, this also has certain disadvantages, you can get to the bottom of things less, but the excursion into this world was very rewarding in any case."

Konrad Bierl was intern at taz - Die Tageszeitung from November 13 till November 24, 2023. At taz he joined the Future section, writing about climate, knowledge and utopias for the Wochentaz. "During the internship, I learnt a lot about communicating science to a wider audience. I have also written five articles that have been published." His articles can be found here.