Are energy standards fairer than carbon prices?

by Linus Mattauch (Technical University Berlin) and Jiaxin Zhao (School of Public Policy and Management)

Lying is easy

by Georg Weizsäcker (Humboldt University of Berlin)

What’s in a name?

by Friederike Reichel (LMU Munich)

Fact Polarization

by Valeria Burdea (LMU Munich), William Minozzi (The Ohio State University), Jonathan Woon (University of Pittsburgh)

Correcting misunderstandings about CO2 emissions doesn’t help to fight climate change

by Davide Pace (LMU Munich)

Is awareness enough to safeguard us from biased narratives?

by Sili Zhang (LMU Munich) and Manwei Liu (Nanjing Audit University)

Adding Household surveys to the behavioral economics toolbox: Insights from the SOEP Innovation Sample

by Urs Fischbacher (Thurgauer Institute of Economics), Levent Neyse (DIW), David Richter (FU) & Carsten Schröder (FU)

Concentration of asset owners exposed to power sector stranded assets may trigger climate policy resistance

by Angelika von Dulong (Humboldt University)

Real estate agent commissions on the rise despite legal reform in Germany

by Julius Stoll (Hertie School)

Expectations matter

By Simone Maxand & Joschka Wanner

Coase and Cap-and-Trade: Evidence on the Independence Property from the European Carbon Market

By Aleksandar Zaklan