Research Associate

University of Potsdam

Students and Research Associates Representative

Katrin Huber

Fields of research

Labor Economics, Family Economics, Gender Economics, Policy Evaluation, Quasi-Experimental Methods.

Good to know

Katrin Huber is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Potsdam, Chair for Empirical Economics. She is member of the Berlin School of Economics (BSE) and coordinator of the Center for Economic Policy Analysis (CEPA) in Potsdam.She attained a Ph.D. at the University of Passau (still affiliated) and was a fellow in the Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics (BGPE). She is also a Research Affiliate at the IZA Institute of Labor Economics

Katrin's research mainly consists of the empirical analysis of family policies regarding fertility, parental labor supply and child outcomes. She is also working on topics related to the effects of automation and globalization on the labor market, especially on human capital investments, household structure and resulting effects on labor income inequality.