Core courses

This course provides students with the neccessary background to understand modern academic research in finance and to pursue their own finance-related research projects. It covers principles of asset pricing, financial intermediation and corporate finance. The course covers both empirics and theory.

The course is a mandatory Core Course in the PhD track in Finance. It can also be attended as an Elective Course for the PhD tracks in Accounting, Economics or Management. The course will be useful for any PhD student aiming to pursue a research career that touches on finance-related topics, e.g., at universities, business schools, central banks, financial regulators.

Jean Tirole, “The Theory of Corporate Finance”, (2006), Princeton University Press
John Cochrane, "Asset Pricing", Princeton University Press, 2nd Edition

Time & venue:
Lectures/ tutorials: Mondays, 8:00-12:00; HU Berlin, Dorotheenstr. 1, room 405

Written exam (90 min)

More information can be found on Moodle.