Elective courses

In this seminar, we will deal with empirical research from two angles: First, we introduce core concepts from philosophy of science that are relevant for empirical research, e.g., critical realism and causality. Second, we practice conducting empirical research by critically reading and replicating existing research.

Chalmers, A.F. (2013). What is this thing called science? Hackett Publishing.
Cunningham, S. (2021). Causal inference. The mixtape. Yale University Press.

Time & venue:
Tuesdays, 12:00-14:00; HU Berlin, Spandauer Str. 1, room 21B

Term paper

Max. 20 participants.
Please send a mail to Prof. Nikolaus Wolf (nikolaus.wolf@wiwi.hu-berlin.de) until 30 September 30, 2023  indicating also the program you study. If there are more applicants than spots, we will draw a lottery in advance and let you know about the result by October 9, 2023.