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The Berlin School of Economics (BSE) offers career development programs in economics, accounting, finance and management at the PhD and Postdoc levels in a single and unique structure. It combines two pre-existing, very successful career development programs: the Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics and Management Science (BDPEMS) and the Berlin Economics Research Associates (BERA) program. The following major institutions active in economics research in Berlin and beyond cooperate within the BSE:

Statement by Roland Strausz (BSE Speaker) against discrimination, sexual harassment and abuse of power

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Changes in risk attitudes vary across domains throughout the life course

Neil Murray, Levent Neyse, and Carsten Schröder

A Glimpse of Freedom: Allied Occupation and Political Resistance in East Germany

Jonas Jessen, Luis R. Martinez, and Guo Xu

Online trade platforms: hosting, selling, or both?

Özlem Bedre-Defolie & Simon Anderson

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PhD Program

The BSE PhD Program offers PhD tracks in Economics, Accounting, Finance and Management. All tracks are highly compatible with each other and allow for numerous specializations. The doctoral program provides outstanding doctoral students with a vibrant, intensively networked research community and a training structure that will develop their talents in a unique combination of high-level academic and applied research.

Research Associates Program

The BSE Research Associates Program recruits its members from the international job market for new PhD graduates. The program provides a mentoring program and multiple support structures for research activities, travel, and skills development for its members.