Optimal Discounts in Green Public Procurement

by Olga Chiappinelli (UB School of Economics), Gyula Seres (National University of Singapore)

INSIGHTS Workshops: Lessons Learned for Communicating Climate-Change Economics

Alkis Blanz, Simone Maxand

Competing Sales Channels with Captive Consumers

by David Ronayne (ESMT Berlin), Greg Taylor (University of Oxford)

The role of Ukrainian workers in the EU

by Jana Hamdan (DIW and HU)

Accepting refugees raises income per capita and wages in the long term

by Antonio Ciccone (University of Mannheim), Jan Nimczik (ESMT Berlin)

Social norms and preferences for generosity are domain dependent

by Hande Erkut (WZB)

Gender and face-to-face deceptive behavior

by Tim Lohse (HWR Berlin), Salmai Qari (FU)

Can economic decisions be predicted by finger lengths? A lesson on researcher degrees of freedom

by Levent Neyse (WZB)

20 Years of the Riester Pension - Germany Needs a Reform of Private Retirement Provision

by Johannes Geyer (DIW), Markus M. Grabka (DIW), Peter Haan (DIW and FU)

Price Comparison Websites

by David Ronayne (ESMT Berlin)

Tax relief in the time of corona: Immediacy is key

by Karina Körösi (Humboldt University of Berlin), Ralf Maiterth (Humboldt University of Berlin)