Testing Marx

By Charlotte Bartels (DIW Berlin), Felix Kersting (Humboldt University Berlin) & Nikolaus Wolf (Humboldt University Berlin)

Workshop "Women in Macro, Finance, and Economic History" (WIMFEH)

By Pia Hüttl & Josefin Meyer

Climate Policy Shouldn’t Ignore Asset Stranding

By Angelika von Dulong, Alexander Gard-Murray, Achim Hagen, Niko Jaakkola, and Suphi Sen

Changes in risk attitudes vary across domains throughout the life course

Neil Murray, Levent Neyse, and Carsten Schröder

A Glimpse of Freedom: Allied Occupation and Political Resistance in East Germany

Jonas Jessen, Luis R. Martinez, and Guo Xu

Online trade platforms: hosting, selling, or both?

Özlem Bedre-Defolie & Simon Anderson

The Consequences of Unilateral Withdrawals from the Paris Agreement

Mario Larch & Joschka Wanner

Workshop “Effectiveness and Distributional Impacts of Environmental Policy”

Peter Haan, Shushanik Margaryan, Adrián Santonja di Fonzo, Aleksandar Zaklan

Brothers in arms: The value of coalitions in sanctions regimes

Sonali Chowdhry, Julian Hinz, Joschka Wanner and Katrin Kamin

Anchoring Bias Influences Strategies Too

by Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel (TU Berlin), Gyula Seres (National University of Singapore)

How communication makes the difference between a cartel and tacit collusion: a machine learning approach

by Maximilian Andres (University of Potsdam), Lisa Bruttel (University of Potsdam), and Jana Friedrichsen (WZB)